Thermal and compensating cables

ITC Thermo Cable GmbH has years of experience in the construction and implementation of customized requirements for thermal and compensation cables.

In many industrial areas of application, it is of great importance to determine exact temperature data. Only with exactly determined values can production processes be controlled securely and allow for a smooth production process at a high level of quality.

Combustion processes in gasoline and diesel engines, aircraft engines and waste combustion facilities need to be constantly monitored due to economic, ecological and, of course, safety reasons.

Extensive control modules are permanently informed about the current thermal state of these systems and can therefore immediately implement all required control processes.

These are surely just a few examples. However, they all have something in common: the use of thermal elements.

The cornerstone of every conventional temperature measurement is formed by the thermal and compensation cables, a core competence from the ITC Thermo Cable GmbH.